Aluminium Composite Panel Designs | ACP Paneling

The exterior & interior designers at Artificer Creation provide the best cost effective ACP or aluminium composite panel designs. It is considered the second-best framework composition after Steel Paneling in the mainstream interior decoration and exterior decoration. Nowadays, this design is very much in demand as the interior architects and building constructors are utilizing ACP for wall partitions, window frames, the platform works and so on. With the creation of the aluminium composite panel, they have begun utilizing the aluminium panels for cladding too.

In simple words, aluminium composite panel cladding would involve the fitting of aluminium panels to the outsides of a working to improve its magnificence and toughness also.

Advantages of utilizing the aluminium composite panel (ACP) cladding process.

    • Aluminium stands for its durability. It can bear almost all the different weathers quite well. For example, excessive heat of summer, too much cold of winter, or be it the heavy rainfall of monsoon. It hardly corrodes and has the supreme ability of resisting fire. Besides, the aluminium panels can work as a shield against the harmful impacts of the UV rays also.


    • Aluminium is an adaptable material. And have the capacity to shape it in various ways. You can have these panels as level or bent too making them the ideal material for the cladding. One can fabricate the panels to fit the forms of the walls. Piercing holes through these panels are quite simple. Therefore, appending the same to the current solid divider ought to be simple.


    • The aluminium panels are quite easy to paint with the right selection of paints and colours. Therefore, these panels have an incredible decorative impact as well. Cleaning the panels is also very simple as it holds the water-repellent properties.
    • These aluminium composite panel designs have the ability to reflect light in an extremely proficient way. Subsequently, you can utilize the cladding procedure for the interiors and false ceilings also.

The aluminium composite panel cladding is quite light in weight. This is the greatest standpoint of these panels. Consequently, from the durability and aesthetic perspective, these panels have an extraordinary effect as being the cladding material.

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