Our team of best interior designers knows quite well that when it comes to stylizing your home, nothing stands a chance before false ceiling designs. It is a fine example of the combination of modern construction and architecture in both residential and office sectors. Generally, It is an artificial ceiling combined with lighting decoration which is made underneath the primary ceiling of the room, house or building. It is a kind of secondary layer of roof attached from the primary rooftop with the assistance of metal or wooden casing or frames. It is otherwise known as the dropped ceiling. A false ceiling has different kinds of advantages. It enhances the style of the room.

With its unique structure and built, it keeps the room cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is additionally being used to hide the revolting cross-section of electrical wires, light installations, AC ducts and many different fixtures.

The false ceiling is hung or settled in a system made of Aluminum or GI areas or wooden structure settled with the primary ceiling. The false ceiling is made by different materials like Plaster of Paris, Gypsum board, Plywood, PVC sheets and so on. The choice and usage of material solely rely on the utilization and outline of the false ceiling. There are several kinds of false ceiling available from which we generally deal with-

  • Plaster of Paris false ceiling
  • Wooden Ceiling
  • Gypsum False Ceiling
  • PVC false ceiling
  • Fibre Ceiling
  • Metal Ceiling
  • Glass Ceiling
  • Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

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false ceiling designs