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Artificer Creation, an indoor & outdoor lighting designer Kolkata should be your 1st priority be it for quality and pricing. But the question is, why lighting fixture decoration is a must-have nowadays. Say, If the whole house is you then living room is your heart. This is the room where you spend most of the time. It witnesses your best memories such as - partying with friends, watching T.V with family, meeting and some unforgettable moments with relatives, having meals etc. And our work is to show you how to adapt your lighting to reflect each activity, from glowing ceiling lights to cosy table lamps. So, whatever you do, those lighting will hold the perfect ambience. All the light designing are being decorated in accordance with top class electrical concealed wiring, which is performed too by the team of professional electricians of Artificer Creation.

So, when it comes to enhance your room’s aesthetic beauty, a smooth and mild yet stylish Lighting Decoration proves to be the best choice. Both in exterior and Interior decoration a proper lighting display plays a crucial role. If you look forward to beautify your room with your desired set of lights, just leave all the concern to us. Artificer Creation is reasonably known for attractive lighting decoration to augment the aesthetic value of your indoor and outdoor ambience.

We specialize in all the types of designer lightning such as-


Some designer Lighting ideas according to the mood & atmosphare–

  • Table lamps at the dining table, with the bed, on window-sills or shelves
  • Floor lamps near the sofa or under the bed
  • Wall lighting reflected with mirrors, sculptures, Photo frames, paintings etc.
  • Integrated lighting, i.e. in book racks.
  • Pendant Light focusing on the dining table.


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