When it comes to give your house a ravishing look, what can be better than a modular kitchen? If you are really planning to have ‘one’, Artificer Creation is here to assist you. We have a large number of stylizing & innovative modular kitchen designs and decorative ideas to satisfy your quest. With our extensive experience and knowledge, we know exactly what sort of kitchen-design would suit you the best. For these purposes, we have certain layouts such as –

L shaped Kitchen

This is probably one of the mostly used kitchen layouts as is fully ideal for relatively smaller homes. It requires a very minimum floor-place and enables you with the advantage of setting up a small dining table within your kitchen without much hassle.


This type of kitchen does not display or work as the L Shaped modular kitchen does. Its workflow is based on a straight line as it is generally designed for a rectangular shaped kitchen. This Straight layout too requires a minimum amount of space but can provide you an ultimate efficiency of work place.

Straight or I shaped Modular Kitchen
U shaped Modular Kitchen

If your home has enough space for a big modular kitchen, you should go for a U-shaped layout kitchen that is likely to suit you the most. This U Shaped Modular Kitchen fits is made for longer spaces, holds much storage. It is probably the most user-friendly modular kitchen coming with plenty of wall space, cabinets, countertop space and floor-place. It is perfectly ideal for family homes.


If you seriously love cooking and thus want a bit bigger space for it, the gallery shaped or parallel layout kitchen is inarguably the best pick for you. This Parallel Modular Kitchen is perfectly suited for longer rooms and affords plenty of room for movement, communication and provides good amount of storage space.

Parallel Modular Kitchen
Island Kitchen

This type of modular kitchen is also made ideal for bigger kitchen space. It is a combination of two straight lines of kitchen sets or two ‘L-shaped’ models with a non-connected island space in between. This space can be used as a breakfast bar or be installed with a sink or burner in middle or on either sides. With the advantage of two opposite-faced working areas and storage space, this layout kitchen provides an alluring look enhancing the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen.