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Nowadays, plumbing has become one of the ‘must have’ parts of an interior design and decoration. It is something that fully completes your dream interior architecture for your house and offices. If this plumbing decoration does not comply with your home decoration, it can spoil the furnished look of your house. If this is the issue you are concerning for, have no worry as the best interior decorators at Artificer Creation provide a supreme level of plumbing services in Kolkata to complement their interior and exterior decoration. We have professional & experienced plumbers to meet your expectations. That is why Artificer Creation is a leading plumbing contractor in Kolkata and its outskirts.

We have a large number of plumbing and bathroom accessories to choose from such as –

1. General Plumbing
2. Toilet Seats
3. Toilet Cisterns
4. Pipes and Fittings
5. Taps and Faucets (Both Modular and Contemporary)
6. Bathroom Tubs
7. Tub Showers
8. Hand Showers
9. Wall Showers
10. Towel Rings
11. Wash Basins (For both Bathroom and Kitchen)
12. Bathroom Mirror
13. Wash Basin Mirror
14. Motorized Water Pumps


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Plumbing Services in Kolkata


Plumbing Services in Kolkata