Nowadays, stone wall cladding is in heavy demand among a huge number of interior designers & decorators in Kolkata as well as all over the world. This is possibly the best way to augment the appearance of a home with the enriching beauty of Stones and Planks. If you are in need of the quality stone or plank cladding service, Artificer Creation has the finest of options to rig your house with the most vibrant look and give your wall an elegant tinge of texture.

At Artificer Creation, we thoughtfully design every cladding, neatly crop and resize each variety of stone and plank cladding materials so that all the textures complement both interior and exterior wall and floor. We also have a large array of cladding designs of versatile stone panel tiles, designer plank wall mosaics, multicoloured veneer sheets and every artful design that can be applied to all areas giving it an eye-catchy finish with a rustic twist.

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Stone Wall Cladding and Decoration

From wall panels to stone mosaic to stone veneer, Stone Ideas sure know how to work pretty much anything! Here is our stone tiles collection for walls. Stone Wall Cladding tiles is even highly desired by homeowners who are looking for a cost wise pocket-friendly option to revamp their walls, because there is no need to redo the walls, as it can be applied directly to the existing ones. With a wide-ranging variety of stone tiles at hand, we have something to provide you for enhancing your surroundings in every form.

Plank Wall Cladding and Decoration

Plank Wall Cladding generally refers to wooden Wall cladding or decoration. It is the perfect embossed decoration for your ideal wall cladding system. This is a unique combination of natural fibers and wood bonded in a high-grade silicate structure. Apart from formal cladding, these can be used to make wall boxes for TV setting, wall paneling, to decorate rear wall of sofa stands and box beds. This type of wall cladding system is impressively strong, durable and comes with a high endurance of strength. Besides, one of the biggest advantages of it that it is also water resistant and thus can go on for years. With its very low maintenance requirements, plank wall cladding decoration is the best solution for your entire wall cladding system related concern.

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